Token 135: How to measure yourself

Do you know someone who just seems to have it all together? Someone who is successful despite appearing to put in relatively little effort? Someone whose life you admire, and maybe even envy a little?

Two thoughts on this.

First, is this person’s life truly worthy of your envy? Are they actually happy, or do they just have a bunch of stuff you wish you had? Big difference.

But if they really are that amazing, examine how they got to this point. What path did they take? How do they maintain their composure and continue making progress in the face of adversity?

Learn everything you can from these people, but do not idolize them. Comparing yourself to someone more successful than you can be useful, but judging your own worth in relation to others can be damaging.

Be content with the steady, daily progress you’re making, and don’t negate the positive things you’ve already done and the growth you’ve already made. You’ve earned this.

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