Token 189: Read and listen well

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“I wish I had more time to read” is a common refrain among the busy—which, in truth, is most of us.

But think of all the things you spend your time on that do not help you learn or grow. Surely some of these things can be put off or set aside in order to expand and develop your mind.

And, if you read with intention—that is, in a focused way, with the goal of learning and growing—you don’t need to read very much. A single blog post or book chapter can change your outlook, if you’re ready for that change.

This week, carve out just a little more time to read, or to listen to an audiobook or podcast. Prepare your mind for learning, and read just enough that you begin to think differently about something.

Words need to be sown like a seed. No matter how tiny a seed may be, when it lands in the right sort of ground, it unfolds its strength and, from being minute, expands and grows to a massive size. Reason does the same. ~ Seneca

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