Token 192: When it clicks

Elegant solutions are not like normal solutions. They don’t just solve problems.

They are tangible things. They are visceral, even audible—it’s when you hear that “click” as everything falls into place, often in unexpected ways, and there is absolutely no question whether this is the right path forward.

These solutions benefit you, both personally and professionally. They benefit both your team and your organization. They benefit you and your colleagues and your customers, all at the same time.

And it’s not just that they’re mutually beneficial. In an elegant solution, everyone benefits, but there’s more. You gain in skill or wisdom, and so do others. New questions are asked and new priorities are found and new ideas emerge. Elegant solutions advance an organization’s mission, and they bring a team (or multiple teams) together in interesting ways.

Elegant solutions don’t just happen out of thin air. They tend to occur when someone brings unusual generosity and unusual curiosity to a situation.

And if you internalize that kind of generosity and curiosity, and make it a habit to bring this mindset to every interaction, you will come to find that these elegant solutions begin to occur all around you.

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