Token 193: Spiral up

When things seem to be going wrong, it can be easy to spiral downward. And once that spiral begins, every little annoyance grows in importance. Every external circumstance—traffic, coworkers, kids, weather—becomes a source of frustration. The spiral grows in size and strength until it begins to consume you.

Let the spiral go on long enough, and it can turn into malaise and even depression. You have to consciously decide to stop amplifying all the little negative things you encounter in order to escape the spiral.

So what if, when things are actually going well, you started amplifying all the little positive things you encounter? Be extra grateful if someone does a small favor for you. Celebrate small wins with your team. Praise your kids when they finally learn to put their laundry somewhere other than the floor.

If spiraling downward is the result of your amplification of little negative things, then the reverse is also true. Choose to amplify little positive things, and you will begin to spiral up.

Like the downward spiral leads to depression, the upward spiral leads to resilience. Make this your mindset, and you will live a happier life. Your downward spirals will become much more brief, and they might even disappear altogether.

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