Token 194: What are you afraid of?

What do you fear?

We all live with a certain amount of fear—it’s our survival instinct kicking in, and it helps keep us safe. We fear intruders, so we lock our doors at night. We fear car accidents, so we wear seatbelts. This is a healthy kind of fear, by and large.

What are you afraid of?

This is a very different question. This is about what’s stopping you. This is about that little voice in your head that has far too much control over your actions.

If you’re afraid of speaking up in a meeting, or if you’re afraid of what your boss might say about a creative new project you have in mind, or if you’re afraid of what people will think if you start a blog, and if these fears prevent you from acting, then you are only harming yourself.

Be afraid, if you must. But please, limit your fears to actual dangers. Don’t let fear stop you from doing something interesting. We need you.

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