Token 200: Your thoughts

I’ve been writing to you every day for more than half a year. Nearly 30,000 words of Tokens. I hope something in there was of value.

What I’ve come to realize over the course of these 200 posts is that as much as I love writing, what I love even more is listening. I love listening to others tell me their stories, and I love asking them questions that change their perspective. The most fun I’ve had throughout this journey has been all the interesting conversations I’ve had—and those conversations are also where I’ve learned the most.

So, I’ll cut to the chase: Tokens is going on hiatus, effective today. And yes, I’m a little sad about that.

But this blog was created to help people, and I believe I’ve found a better way to help people. I need to write a little less, so that I can spend a little more time listening to people, and building a transformative leadership coaching practice.

Tokens was built on generosity and curiosity, and so I approach this with one more act of generosity, and one more act of curiosity.

Generosity: My offer to you, dear reader, is one free hour of coaching from me. My promise is that, in this session, we will identify at least one change you can make right now to help move you toward your goals.

Curiosity: My only request is that you complete this brief survey so that I can learn as much as I can from this experiment, and learn a little about you. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you, truly, for whatever time and energy you gave to Tokens. If any of these ideas have led to positive changes in your life, then it was worth the time and energy I’ve put into it, ten times over.

I will keep writing, and you can still find me at The Tokens website will still be here, and it will still be searchable.

Keep reaching for that next rung on your ladder, and I’ll be here when you need a boost.


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