Articles on leadership, stoicism and positive intent, by James Leonard. 
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How I Found Peace and Moved Up the Ladder
[Medium, 3/31/19]

The Virtuous Sphere: Changing Culture From the Inside Out
[Medium, 3/22/19]

20 Key Traits of a Modern Leader
[Medium, 3/14/19]

Seeking Elegant Solutions
[LinkedIn, 2/16/19]

Use Philosophy to Stay Centered and Grow
[Medium, 1/13/19]

Evolution Has Outpaced Us. Save Yourself.
[Medium, 12/31/18]

Spiral Out: Practical Wisdom in Tool’s Lateralus
[Medium, 12/31/18]

A Stoic Tightrope: Generosity, Curiosity and Consistency
[Medium, 12/26/18]

Be more stoic at work
[LinkedIn, 12/9/18]

Let’s delete the internet of venting
[Medium, 11/3/18]

Tokens: My gift to you, given freely
[LinkedIn, 10/14/18]

Your hidden audiences: Appear before them, smiling
[LinkedIn, 10/6/18]

Why I read cover letters first, and why most of them stink
[LinkedIn, 8/8/18]

Communicate with positive intent, and magic happens
[LinkedIn, 7/19/18]

Agony v. Ecstasy is a game of inches. But don’t sweat it.
[LinkedIn, 7/12/18]

How to speak to your hidden audiences
[LinkedIn, 7/6/18]